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While Matrick Enterprises has evolved, no one disputes that Rick Bohna is the driving force behind the company's success. His tenacity to see a project through to a successful end is unrivaled and his vision is nothing but legendary.

Rick Bohna instills a work ethic that is unparalleled in any industry. He will guarantee that his company will never fail to produce for his partners/investors because they were out-worked by the competition. We simply get the job done. His work ethic began early on as Rick learned from his father, a tailor by trade from the old country, who worked out of the family home.

An early leader, Rick at age 8, saw an advertisement for the Jerry Lewis Telethon and mailed away for a package to run his own back yard Carnival, with parents looking on, Rick organized all the events, posted signs and had other neighbor kids involved and raised money for the first time on his own.

Rick never looked back, helping his father, carrying sewing machine into basement at age 10 and loading trucks with outgoing shipments throughout his teens. Rick was a wheeler and dealer in high school, buying cars, trucks, boats, campers, you name it, fixing them and re-selling.  Active in all sports, Rick developed a strong sense of team work and the accomplishments that can come.

This laid the ground work for Rick to progress to present day. Rick has always had a different look to everything, and when he’s not speaking, he's listening, rest assured there’s still plenty going on. Known, as a deep thinker, many a counterpart admire and mimic Rick’s unique ideas and with years of hands on sales and marketing experience, it’s no wonder Rick has great respect from his peers.

Rick Bohna has combined 30 plus years of experience in the Tourism& Destination Management, Residential & Commercial Construction, Sports & Entertainment and Property Management & Development industries have forged an individual who is an innovator, risk taker, and profit maker. His creativity in project capitalization and marketing has allowed him to sustain operations in periods when others failed.

Matrick Enterprise is the brainchild of all those years of hard work, Rick has quietly forged ahead and now envisions a solid future in their upcoming ventures.

Times are exciting and over the next few years Matrick Enterprise is sure to grow far beyond the the little boy's dreams could have ever take him. Based upon the excitement within the market to take part in Matrick Enterprise projects, there are many that believe the plans for Matrick Enterprise will elevate Rick’s vision in the years to come.


Mission Statement

Matrick Entertainment is dedicated to working on all projects to provide a better experience for the people, community and the investors of residential, commercial properties in the Province Manitoba and Canada. 

Rick’s other priority, is a personal mission, he will be the raising of awareness of Children with Autism, brought forward by his son Matthew. Matrick Enterprise will be a strong supporter of Autism Society of Manitoba as well as, work with other Children’s Charities in Manitoba.


The Mission

Matrick Enterprise has been searching out various investment opportunities in Winnipeg and Manitoba and is working to develop these ideas into viable projects. As we position ourselves for growth in the corporate community, we do not lose sight of the development of a strong and viable management  company based in Manitoba.

Second, Matrick Enterprise started it's new subsidiary company Matrick Entertainment. Poised to make inroads to the music industry to capitalize on opportunities in a culturally diverse Manitoba. We will also help charitable organization raise funds organizing and running their events. 

Further the development of a dedicated venue capable of holding world class attractions is a goal of the newly created company, Matrick Entertainment.  Plans are under way to excel this project and with strong performing artist lineups, the facility will jump to the forefront of the music industry.  The strong support of local business and the community will further enhance the mass appeal of this project.

Rick Bohna's ability to demonstrate the success of this strategy and gaining the confidence of investors will propel Matrick Enterprise forward.

At this point, Rick Bohna’s vision will be set to the third point in a development scheme. Further development of commercial business and real estate is the final piece of the puzzle. Numerous locations and business ventures have been identified in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, financing is being sought to advance these projects forward.

 The vision will not end, only prosper with the ability to take advantage of opportunities Matrick Enterprise is destined to succeed in the years to come.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (204) 771-2466

CEO Rick Bohna
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